Shefali Raina is a leading Executive Coach in NYC

Shefali Raina is a leading executive coach

Shefali Raina is a leading Executive Coach and focused on Leadership and High Performance Coaching for Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs

Our Work in 5 steps.

Our work starts with an introductory meeting to assess fit. The meeting gives each of us a sense of each other - I understand your goals and you get acquainted with my coaching style. 

Our work together will be powerful, transformative and results focused. It will have elements unique to you and your goals, but will typically include the 5 steps below.  



I typically work with clients through one of the 4 options below. Each of these 4 program options is customized to your unique needs and specific goals. Sometimes, we also create a bespoke program with some core elements but additions where needed. 

*The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment provides powerful information on how you show up and lead in every part of your life and give you tools to shift your energy at will