Shefali Raina is a leading Executive Coach in NYC

Shefali Raina is a leading Executive Coach

Shefali Raina is a leading Executive Coach and focused on Leadership and High Performance Coaching for Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs

You want Results.

You are a high achieving wall street executive - trader, asset manager, PM, business manager, or in some other role. You are smart, driven and successful. You succeed because of your sharp intellect + you become an expert at things + you go above and beyond. Learning, growth and impact are important to you. And now you are ready to work with an expert to take your game to another level. 

LEADERSHIP IMPACT. Despite your success, the “people management” aspects of your current or next role feel challenging - communication, relationship building, navigating external relationships, managing and motivating the team, managing your time, your stress, your priorities and more, feel exhausting. But now you want to embody self mastery, emotional intelligence, influence, powerful communication, and inspiration to get the most out of your team and be a high impact leader. TRANSFORM YOUR LEADERSHIP

WHAT'S NEXT ALPHA? It is time to transition. You are considering exiting your current role, or are in between roles. What will you do next? Where will you start? What will you say? What's your next mountain to conquer where you are passionate, deeply fulfilled, and intellectually challenged? ACTIVATE YOUR NEXT LIFE

LIFE IMBALANCE. You have an incredible work ethic yet so many other parts of your life languish away. Is it relationships, or health and wellness, or personal development, or family, or spirituality, or fun? You have been wanting to change this for ages but there is no time and you are not sure where to start. STEP UP YOUR WHOLE LIFE PERFORMANCE

RECLAIM THAT PASSION. Life is now on autopilot. Between work, family and social obligations, there is never any time. Day after day, life on default. You got this, you know your job in life, but somewhere you lost that inner passion and zest. BE UNSTOPPABLE AGAIN

GOAL INTERRUPTED. Something in your life is unwanted yet persists – a habit, a pattern of behavior, a procrastinated action. You know you want that thing but keep putting off action because of lack of time, or energy, or attention, or just feel overwhelmed.  Meanwhile time is flying by. GET TO ACTION